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H5-Lite User Unboxing Guide Document

A new generation of Hub with dot matrix LED and IPS LCD display, data visualization, and portable human-computer interaction brings you a new experience.

Appearance and Function Description

  1. Front and Back

H5 Lite

  1. Button functionality

  2. Rotary Encoder: The screen selection box can be moved by rotating thebutton clockwise or counterclockwise, and a single click on this buttonconfirms the selection.

  3. Oval button: Clicking this button indicates "return" or "go back."

H5 Lite

System Operation Diagram

H5 Lite


Function Ports Specifications
Button Physical Button ×2 Rotary Encoder ×1, Oval button ×1
Display LCD Display (W × H) 2-inch, 320 × 240 IPS display, non-touch
LED Dot Matrix 7-segment 4-digit clock display
Network Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz, 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth BLE 5.0
Dimensions Overall Dimensions (L × W × H) 127.3mm × 13.6mm × 45.6mm
Weight Weight 1.93 ounces
Power Type-C x1 DC 5V/1A
External Probe Interface Type-C x1 Temperature Probe (Optional)


  • If you wish to learn more about device addition and installation deployment guidance, please click here.

  • If you encounter any issues while using H5-Lite, please refer to the different solutions based on the specific problems.

    • If your H5-Lite is offline, please click here.

    • If your H5-Lite addition failed, please click here.

    • If your H5-Lite addition failed, please click here.