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H5-Lite's addition and installation deployment.

  • Here, you can find guidance on the addition and installation deployment of H5-Lite.

What Should I Prepare?

You need to prepare the items shown in the image below to ensure that the H5-Lite can successfully complete the setup process.

The primary structure of H5-Lite

H5 Lite


H5 Lite

How to Mount It?

We offer two mounting methods:

H5 Lite

Desktop Stand

  1. Pass the power cord through the hole of the desktop stand.
  2. Insert the power cord into the POWER port.
  3. Mount the H5-Lite to the desktop stand.

Adhesive Mounting

  1. Insert the power cord into the POWER port.
  2. Stick the adhesive strips to the two bumps on the back of the H5-Lite.
  3. Attach the H5-Lite to the wall.

How to Set It Up?

Download MOCREO Smart App

We recommend you scan the QR code below, go to the app store, and download the MOCREO Smart App first.



You need to go to the system settings page to grant the following permissions to the MOCREO Smart App to ensure that the device can be added properly and the related functions can be used normally.

Add H5-Lite

Power your H5-Lite with the matching power adapter and power cord. Follow the steps prompted by the app to complete the H5-Lite addition process.

Note: If you encounter any issues during the Hub setup process, please provide the error messages you see on the H5-Lite and the app, and contact us at for further support and assistance.