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ST6's addition and installation deployment.

  • Here, you can find guidance on the addition and installation deployment of ST6. Before reading the following article, please ensure that you have completed the H5-Lite setup process.

What should I prepare?

You need to prepare the items shown in the image below to ensure that the ST6 Sensor can successfully complete the Setup process.

ST6 Sensor

How to set it up?

Before actual deployment, we recommend prioritizing the ST6 Sensor Setup process, which involves adding the sensor via the MOCREO Smart App.

Before adding the ST6 Sensor, please ensure that you have completed the setup process for the H5-Lite deployed at the same location as the sensor.

Add ST6 Sensor

Please place your ST6 Sensor near the H5-Lite and your smartphone to ensure that during the sensor setup process, the sensor can be successfully scanned by both the H5-Lite and your smartphone's Bluetooth.

You just need to follow the prompts in the app to complete the ST6 Sensor setup process smoothly.

How to mount it?

ST6 wireless climate sensor is widely applicable for ambient temperature environment monitoring.

The following are some considerations for deploying the ST6 Sensor in different environments:

  1. In low-temperature environments:The ST6 sensor is not suitable for monitoring low-temperature environments below 32°F.

  2. In extremely humid environments: if the deployment environment is excessively humid (prone to condensation), residual water droplets may enter the interior of the ST6 Sensor through the pre-existing holes in the outer structure of the sensor body, leading to hardware damage.

Test the Effectve Distance

Place the paired ST6 Sensor in the location you want to monitor. The suggested distance between the H5-Lite and the Sensor is 67 ft - 82 ft (Household environment).

Poke the Sensor pinhole for 1s and release. Go to the H5-Lite LCD display area to view the current actual signal level of the sensor.

Path: Sensor (Apps)>>>Select a sensor >>> Confirm twice to enter the sensor configuration page.

Note: lf the current signal level of the sensor is weak, we recommend you to read just the deployment position of the sensor.