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H5-Lite is offline

We recommend that you first check whether the power supply to the H5-Lite and the network environment where it is deployed are functioning correctly.

  1. Power Supply Inspection: You can determine this by checking whether the H5-Lite LED Dot Matrix and the LCD Screen light up normally.

    • Ensure that the compatible power adapter and power cable are used for the H5-Lite, and verify that the power interface (marked "POWER") is correctly plugged in.

    • Is the power supply of the H5-Lite stable, and can other electrical devices operate normally?

  2. Network environment inspection.

    • We recommend that you first check whether other network devices deployed in the same network environment as the H5-Lite are functioning properly.

    • If other network devices are functioning properly, we suggest you further diagnose the offline issue of your H5-Lite using the diagnostic function provided by H5-Lite.

      • Path: Settings >>> Network & Internet >>> Network Diagnostics

      • Subsequently, please contact and provide us with the network diagnosis results so that we can further investigate and analyze the issue you are encountering.