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Sensor offline (applicable to ST5, ST6, SW2 Sensor)

Determining Sensor Status

We recommend that you first check the current status of the Sensor (offline/unbound).

For a Sensor that has been unlinked from your MOCREO account, you need to re-add it through the App to restore its normal functionality. However, for an offline Sensor, re-adding through the App is not necessarily required.

  • Sensor Offline: You can see an "offline icon" at the top right corner of the Sensor card in the MOCREO Smart App.

  • Sensor Unbound: The Sensor has been unlinked from your MOCREO account, and you can no longer monitor it in the MOCREO Smart App.

Checking Sensor Battery Level

We suggest placing the Sensor near the H5-Lite, pressing the Sensor pinhole for 1 second(for unbound sensors, you need to re-add them through the app), and observing whether the Sensor's blue indicator light illuminates and continues to flash.

  • If the Sensor's blue indicator light fails to illuminate, you will need to use the accompanying power adapter and power cable to charge the Sensor. During the charging process, the Sensor's red indicator light will remain steadily on and will automatically turn off once the Sensor's battery is nearly fully charged.

  • If the sensor’s blue indicator light illuminates normally, you can wait for approximately 20 seconds and observe the app to see if the sensor successfully reconnects. If it still fails to reconnect, please contact for further support and assistance.

Deployment optimization

After the sensor resumes connectivity, we suggest readjusting its deployment location. Attempt to shorten the distance between the sensor and the hub. Additionally, position the sensor at a relatively elevated spot within the same space, avoiding obstacles and sources of signal interference.